Why Do I Need A Lawyer After An Accident?

Accidents that result in personal injury are terrifying and traumatic. Any time our faculties are taken away from us at any capacity, it is normal to feel vulnerable and scared. In situations like this, it is common to retreat into privacy in order to heal and protect ourselves. More often than not, someone suffering personal

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From the Vault — “The Lawyer”

Personal Injury Claim Information​ ou think law school was difficult, it has nothing on the circumstances these Super Lawyers overcame. From escaping political unrest in the Philippines to trying to change the views of women in an entire profession. Auto accidents occur for many reasons – some of which may be unavoidable or unpredictable. However,

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$25,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Pedestrian Case

My client’s friend was parked parallel to the street blocking a parking lot driveway.  My client approached the passenger-side window from the sidewalk and started talking to the driver.  That’s when a different vehicle reversed out of the driveway and pinned my client between the two cars.   The car that reversed out of the

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