Women’s History Month: Trailblazing Women in Law

Did you know that March is Women’s history month? We are happy to celebrate the advancement of women every month of the year, but considering that this month is set aside specifically for women’s history we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate trailblazing women in law. The women listed below have made major

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Best Practices When Reporting Your Accident to Your Insurance Company

Accidents are incredibly stressful experiences. Whether you have suffered an automobile accident, a slip & fall accident, or a pedestrian accident, you are often facing property damage and personal injury. Once you have ensured safety and sought medical attention for pressing issues, your next step should be reporting your accident to your insurance company. This

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What are my rights after being injured by a dangerous product?

Picture this – you are in the kitchen preparing a meal for your friends and family. In order to save time while slicing the onions, you decided to use your mandolin slicer. You set up the mandolin on its kickstand and begin to slice away. A defect in the product causes the kickstand to collapse

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Dollar bill lays flat on the table

Is my Settlement Subject to Taxation?

Whenever a large sum of money changes hands, questions about taxation inevitably arise. Most people generally understand how to pay taxes on their steady sources of income, but when an unusual financial event takes place a lot of taxation confusion tends to surround it. Lawsuit settlements are no exception. When you or a loved one

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