Accidental Poisonings at Home – Tips on Staying Safe

Most people see a home as a haven. People spend thousands of dollars on state of the art security systems to ensure that their properties are protected and that their families can rest easy at night. But while most people focus on external threats to their homes, they often forget that dangerous things lurk within

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Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Your Personal Injury Settlement?

Picture this; you have endured a personal injury accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. Let’s say that you were biking down the road in Los Angeles when a driver failed to check the bike lane and merged into you as he slowed to look for a parking spot. That driver is at fault

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Don’t Delay Your Personal Injury Case Because of the Coronavirus

Governor Newsom recently ordered a lockdown for our state’s more than 40 million residents. This drastic action is intended to quell the spread of COVID-19, which is more commonly known as the Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a novel virus among humans, which means our bodies have never seen it before and therefore we have no antibodies

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