$245,000 Settlement in Slip and Fall at Fast Food Restaurant

A Leak Coming from the Ice Machine My client slipped and fell as she walked up to the cash register to place her order.  There was a leak coming from the ice machine about ten feet away. The restaurant had a warning cone immediately under the ice machine.  However, the leak had traveled ten feet

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$20,000 Settlement in City Work Van Rear-ender

There Was Nowhere for Him to Go My client was stopped at a red light on Wilmington Ave. and 118th Street.  There were a few cars stopped ahead of him. He looked in his rear-view mirror and saw a large white van barreling down on him.  There was nowhere for him to go, so he

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$50k Policy Limit Settlement in Bicycle Case

Riding Her Bicycle in the Bicycle Lane My client was riding her bicycle, in the bicycle lane, southbound on Normandie Ave., approaching 2nd St. She is an avid cyclist and was riding her bicycle home to get ready for work.  As she approached 2nd St., a vehicle traveling southbound on Normandie approached her from the

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