How a Helmet that Fits Can Save Your Life

Head injuries are serious, and can drastically affect, if not end, your life. That is why the state of California requires motorcycle riders to wear a helmet at all times. Failing to do so can result in a significant fine, not to mention a significant injury. But while many riders recognize the importance of helmets,

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Why Riding A Bike Under the Influence is Dangerous for You and for Others

Bicycling is a great way to get around. It cuts down on carbon emissions, helps control the traffic in our city, and gives the rider a little bit of exercise. Biking has been growing in popularity in Southern California. Bike lanes are becoming normal, and overall more and more people are turning to bicycles. However,

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How To Ensure That You Have Accident Coverage No Matter What

Car accidents are very traumatic but are also very common. The first thought someone has following a collision is usually, “Am I alright?” followed quickly by, “Is everyone else alright?” followed even more quickly by, “How much is this going to cost!?” Cars are expensive, and with times as tight as they are, the thought

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